Campaign 2010

List of SFERA User Research Projects Accepted

Campaign 2010
G.Agreement nº: 228296 FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2008-1 Coordinator: Diego Martínez Plaza. CIEMAT
Proposal Reference Project Title G. Leader´s family name Country Home Institution Facility
P10030400000077 (Postponed in 2011) Experimentation of a Small-scale Solar Organic Rankine Cycle (ESSORC) Quoilin Belgium University of Liège DESAL
P10030500000085 (Postponed in 2011) Experimental validation of Solar ORC power block numerical model (SolarORC) Mendes Portugal Laboratório Nacional de Energía e Geologia (LNEG), IP DESAL
P10020500000058 Evaluation of Photocatalytically coated solar disinfection storage reactor (PHOTOCAT-SODIS) (1) McGuigan; (2) Pillai Ireland (1)Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; (2) Dublin Institue of Technology DETOX
P10021100000059 Treatmente of a Mixture of Two Antibiotics Present in Secondary Treated Sewage through Solar Homogeneous Photocatalysis at Pilot Plant Scale (SOL-TROF) Fatta-Kassinos Cyprus University of Cyprus DETOX
P10030200000075 Development of a UVA dosimetric sensor for the solar disinfection of water (SODIS-SENSOR) (1)Byrne (2) Dunlop United Kingdom University of Ulster DETOX
P10030500000078 Disinfective Action of Photo-Fenton on Various Pathogens in CPC Solar Photoreactor (SOLFED) Mantzavinos Greece Technical University of Crete DETOX
P10030500000089 Recalcitrant organics removal in landfill leachate by solar-based AOPs combined with biological processes (RecaSolar) Mascolo Italy National Research Council (CNR-Italy) DETOX
P10021900000064 SFERA-Verification Test SunCatch II 2010 (SFERA_VTS) (1) Dibowski Gerd; (2) Willsch Christian Germany German Aero Sapce Center MWSF
P10030500000084 (Postponed in 2011) 100 kW Solar Pilot Reactor for ZnO Disssociation Meier Switzerland Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) MWSF
P10030500000087 (Postponed in 2011) Ultra-high Temperature Absorber Ceramics for Solar Furnaces (ULTAC-SOF) Francini Italy Italian National Research Council (CNR) MWSF
P10011400000056 Synthesis of carbides and carbo-nitrides under concentrated solar beam applying selected wave-length range by passing through color filter (SunSynt) (1)Guerra Rosa; (2) SHOHOJI Portugal (1) Instituto Superior Tecnico; (2) LNEG MSSFs
P10011500000057 Modification of tungsten-carbon materials by highly reactive plasma at high temperatures generated by concentrated solar energy ( PlasW-C) VESEL Slovenia Jozef Stefan Institute MSSFs
P10021200000060 Surface modifciation of materials and coatings fabrication by concentrated solar radiation (SUMOCO) Michailidis Greece Aristotle University of Thessaloniki MSSFs
P10021200000061 Corrosion of Ceramics by Solar Heating in Moist Atmosphere (COSMA) Mechnich Germany DLR MSSFs
P10022300000068 UHTC: emissivity and catalycity measurements (UHTCEC) Cantoni Italy Italian Aerospace Research Centre MSSFs / MWSF
P10022300000069 Biocompatible Magnetic Core-Shell Nanostructures (BIONANOS) Balcells Spain Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) MSSFs
P10022400000070 Doping control in MgO based magnets (MAGO) Boubeta Spain Barcelona University MSSFs
P10022600000071 Water descomposition using reduction over metals and oxides synthesised in a solar reactor (WDMOSR) (1) Brad; (2) Monty (1) Romania; (2) France (1) Institute of Research and Development for Cryorgenics adn Isotopes Technologies. (2) CNRS-PROMES MSSFs
P10030100000072 Sintering and welding of tool steel and carbide-reinforced tool stell for wear resistance applications (SOLSINTER) (1) García Diego; (2) Rodríguez Donoso Spain (1) National Center for Metallurgical Research (CENIM-CSIC); (2) Universiy of Castilla La Mancha MSSFs
P10030100000073 Synthesis of advanced materials for optical devices (SYNMAT) Grigorjeva Latvia Institute of Solid State Physics. University of Latvia MSSFs
P10030200000074 Elaboration by solar route of advanced nanomaterials for electronic applications (SOLNANOMAT) Apostol Romania S.C. IPEE AMIRAL TRADING IMPEX S.A. MSSFs
P10030500000080 Fast Firing of Doped Ceria Electrolytes for IT-SOFC (FASTFIRECER) Sánchez-Bautista Spain Instituto de Energías Renovables. Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Albacete MSSFs
P10030500000081 Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for coatings with specific properties (SYCANCO) PLAIASU Romania University of Pitesti MSSFs
P10030500000088 Photolytic properties of TIO2 based nanomaterials (PhotoNanoTiO) Piticescu Romania National Institute for Nonferrous and Rare Metals MSSFs
P10030600000091 (Postponed in 2011) High efficiency concentrated solar radiation for Rhodamine dye macrocrystal tunable emitter for LED and LASER operation (SORELLA) Milani Italy Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca MSSFs
P10030700000092 Nanomaterials for renwable energy applications (RENANOS) Fidelus Poland Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences MSSFs
P10030500000083 Empirical validation of Tonatiuh at Mini-Pegase CNRS_PROMES (EVOT) Blanco Spain National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) THEMIS
P10030500000079 (Postponed in 2011) Spillage reduction of concentrated heat flux in parabolic DISH/STIRLING and its consequence in the cavity temperatures (SpriRe) Silva Pérez Spain University of Sevilla SDISH-50kW
P10021500000062 Solar ceramic tubular absorbers for combined-cycle (SOLTUB) Steinfeld Switzerland ETH-Zurich ST100kW

  Campaign 2011

List of SFERA User Research Proposals Accepted

Campaign 2011
G.Agreement nº: 228296 FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2008-1 Coordinator: Diego Martínez Plaza. CIEMAT
Proposal Reference Project Title G. Leader´s family name Country Home Institution Facility
P11021800000104 POLYIRON Preparation and evaluation of photocatalysts based on supported TIO2-Fe oxide using CPC photoreactors. Pulgarin Switzerland Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) DETOX
P11022700000116 UV-NANOCAT Evaluation of the Photocatalytic Performance of New Morphologies of TiO2 (Nanorod, Nanotube and Nanowire) and of High Surface Area Rutile under Solar Light. Guillard France CNRS-University Lyon-1 DETOX
P11022700000117 ElectroSolar Solar Photochemical Removal of Parabens by Photo-Fenton and Electro-Photo-Fenton. Peres Portugal Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro DETOX
P11022800000119 PHOTOSOLARDETOX Modeling and evaluation of performance of pilot scale, solar, CPC photocatalytic reactors for water detoxification. Gianluca United Kingdom Loughborough University DETOX
P11022800000120 VISDIS Disinfection of water using visible light active photocatalytic materials. Byrne United Kingdom University of Ulster DETOX
P11022500000114 GAZI-PROPOSAL Determination of optimal length for vaporing of fluid and the thermal stress op pipe material in the CIEMAT-PSA, DISS facility. Sahin Turkey Gazi University, Technology Faculty DISS
P11030100000129 DSG ParaID Performance Measurement of Direct Steam Generating Solar Collectors. Huelsey Germany Fraunhofer ISE DISS

P11022400000110 ETPSC Experimental evaluation of process and thermal parameter of parabolic trough solar collectors. Grigiante Italy Faculty of Engineering University of Trento HTF
P11021900000105 NH3FLOW Design, set-up and testing of reaction chamber for performing Solar Synthesis of IVB-VIB-groups Transition Metals Nitrides in ammonia atmospheres at PSA SF-5 facility under well controlled conditions. Guerra ROSA Portugal Instituto Superior Tecnico SF-5
P11022400000108 WeMariSol Welding of Metallic Materials for Marine Applications using Concentrated Solar Energy. Pantelis Greece National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) SF-60
P11021700000103 NanoCones Synthesis of carbon nanocones at non-equilibrium conditions at elevated temperature. Vesel Slovenia Center of Excellence MSSFs
P11022300000106 SPVD-NANOPEROVSKITES Preparation by SPVD in a solar reactor of perovskite nanophases for electronic applications. Apostol Romania S.C. IPEE AMIRAL TRADING IMPEX S.A. MSSFs
P11022400000111 SENAMAF Solar energy for nanoscaled material fabrication. Grigorjeva Latvia Institute of Solid State Physics. University of Latvia MSSFs
P11022500000112 KeraMagCo Biocompatible ceramic-magnetic nanoparticle composites. Balcells Spain Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) MSSFs
P11022500000115 MagDeChrom Development fo CuZn-coated magnetic nanoparticles for effective removal of highly toxic Cr(VI) in potable water. Angelakeris Greece Aristotle University MSSFs
P11022800000121 SYNPAC The influence of synthesis and electrodeposition process parameters on particle/metal matrix composites coatings. Abrudeanu Romania University of Pitesti MSSFs
P11022800000125 MNSLC Obtaining modified nanostructures in sulfide solid lubricating compounds (WS2 or MoS2) for surface coatings with improved tribological properties. Petrescu Romania University Politehnica of Bucharest MSSFs
P11030100000127 SPLEB 80W solar-pumped Cr:Nd:YAG laser with excellent beam profile in CNRS. Liang Portugal New University of Lisbon MSSFs
P11030100000128 NanoSOFC Synthesis and characterization of GDC and SDC based nanopowders for SOFC. Udroiu Romania National Research and Development Institute for Nonferrous and Rare Metals-IMNR MSSFs
P11030100000130 CER-BIO-SOL Bio-compatible and high-strength ceramic and glass-ceramic products from various starting materials and wastes. Michailidis Greece Aristotle University of Thessaloniki MSSFs
P11022800000118 DAITARN Density and roughness Analysis In ultra high Temperature cerAmics for solaR applicatioNs. Francini Italy INO-CNR MWSF
P11022400000109 SEDOM-EESS (postponed in 2012) Study of EuroDish Operation Mode and Evaluation of Energy Support Systems. Alonso Spain University of Zaragoza SDIS-50kW
P11022500000113 MOTHEL Modeling Of Themis HELiostats. Blanco Spain National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) THEMIS
STL-PSI Facility
P11030100000126 MARVOR Thermal and calorimetric characterization of new metallic and ceramic materials for atmospheric air volumetric receivers. Romero Spain IMDEA Energía HFSS
MANOKIN Analysis of chemical kinetics of the Mn3O4/MnO reduction reaction in high-temperature/high-solar-radiation fluxes conditions. Gonzalez-Aguilar Spain IMDEA Energía HFSS