February 2013: 

The 4th SFERA School will be organized by DLR (Germany) on the 15th/16th of May 2013. Topic: Measurement Tools and Standardization Aspects for Concentrating Solar Technologies. Please go to the Winter/Summer Schools page for more information on how to attend the school.

March 2012: 

The 3rd SFERA Summer School will be organized by PSA - CIEMAT from the 27th to the 28th June, 2012.

Please go to the Winter/Summer Schools page for more information

March 2011: 

We are pleased to announce the SFERA 2nd Round Table on CSP Component Standardization in Europe.
Date: Friday, 11th March 2011, 15:00 - 17:30
For more information, please download the agenda of this event

January 2011: 

The 2nd SFERA Winter School will be held ETH Zürich from the 24th to the 25th March, 2011.

Please go to the Winter/Summer Schools page for more information

December 2010: 

The SFERA presentation made public during a SFERA workshop at the SolarPACES International Conference, 21-24 September 201 is now available on the SFERA website.

October 2010: 

The SFERA poster is now available for download on the website. This general poster, like the brochure, gives you a brief description of the aims and activities of SFERA. You may use this poster for presentation at conferences or workshops.

September 2010: 

The SFERA brochure has been released in September 2010 and is now available on the website. It gives you a good overview of the project, summarizing the main activities and aims of SFERA. You may download and print the SFERA brochure to use in promoting SFERA activities.

March 2010: 

The 1st SFERA Summer School will be held in PROMES-CNRS Laboratory from the 10th to the 12th June, 2010.

Please go to the Winter/Summer Schools page for more informations

The SFERA Networking Activities will help to create a common knowledge base among the researchers of this project and also guarantee broad information exchange with the scientific community, in order to guarantee a sound base for further developments of different technological aspects in the joint research activities.

Within the SFERA Project, a set of five networking activities are proposed:

  • WP2: “Organization of training courses and schools” is intended to create a common training framework, providing regularised, unified training of young researchers in the capabilities and operation of concentrating solar facilities.
  • WP3: “Internal and external communication: Organization of meetings, workshops and conferences” has two branches, one is internal and the other one addresses a global audience.
  • As consortium activities are concerned not only with the scientific community, WP4 specifically addresses industry. It is proposed to develop the necessary industrial standards for concentrating solar components, with the assistance of the most suitable partner (DIN), and interact with industry to publicise them.
  • WP5 concerns the exchange of personnel as an attempt to get workers to acquire a global philosophy and attitude with respect to the whole set of SFERA infrastructures.
  • WP6 “Joint Management of the Transnational Access Activities” is intended to co-ordinate the access activities for the five infrastructures offered for this proposal:
    • Plataforma Solar de Almería (CIEMAT, Tabernas, Spain)
    • PROMES (CNRS, Odeillo, France)
    • PSI Solar Research Facilities (PSI, Villigen, Switzerland)
    • WEIZMANN Solar Research Unit (WEIZMANN, Rehovot, Israel)
    • ENEA’s SOLTERM facilities (ENEA, Casaccia, Italy)