Concentrated solar power (CSP) is a very promising renewable source of energy. The best known application so far is bulk electricity generation through thermodynamic cycles, but other applications have also been demonstrated, such as production of hydrogen and solar fuels, water treatment and research in advanced materials.
This EU-funded research project - SFERA - aims to boost scientific collaboration among the leading European research institutions in solar concentrating systems, offering European research and industry access to the best research and test infrastructures and creating a virtual European laboratory. The project incorporates the following activities:
- Transnational Access: Researchers will have access to five state-of-the-art high-flux solar research facilities, unique in Europe and in the world. Access to these facilities will help strengthen the European Research Area by opening installations to European and partner countries' scientists, thereby enhancing cooperation.
- Networking: These include the organisation of training courses and schools' to create a common training framework, providing regularised, unified training of young researchers in the capabilities and operation of concentrating solar facilities. Communication activities will seek to both strengthen relationships within the consortium, creating a culture of cooperation, and to communication to society in general, academia and especially industry what SFERA is and what services are offered.
- The Joint Research Activities aim to improve the quality and service of the existing infrastructure, extend their services and jointly achieve a common level of high scientific quality.