As far as the project consortium is concerned, the main objective of this WP is to organize common meetings and colloquia in order to inform SFERA participants of main results, proposals and cooperation domains.

On the other hand, concerning a more general audience, the objective is to disseminate results of general interest in the scientific and industrial communities, and towards the general public.

A key tool for both purposes will be the construction and maintenance of a web site that contains the main open information about the project, the date of call for applications concerning access to Infrastructures and, at least, the date and location of project meetings. Other actions to be carried out are the following:

  • An open data-base with profile of CSP RD&D actors and innovative companies will be also developed.
  • A newsletter (e-publication) will be distributed regularly to users and potential users.
  • A SFERA project brochure will be edited and distributed.
  • A professional multi-language search tool will be developed.
  • Major expected impact of these activities is to widely spread the knowledge about SFERA.

Downloading of Content of SFERA Conferences + External Communication Documents

Downloading of Content of Doctorial Colloquiums